Current Planning Applications updated 07/07/23:


1. Repair and replace failed rainwater goods.

2. Install an underground packaged sewage treatment plant.

3. Remove and replace cement renders and failed lime renders with                                                associated paint finishes.

4. Repair and partial re-covering of main building roof

5. Remove internal partition wall

6. Remove redundant ventilation stack.

7.Renovate and like-for-like replacement of sash windows

8.Insert glazed panels in front door.                                

9.Erect timber tool shed and metal machine stores

Minsterworth Court , Church Lane


 DESCRIPTION: Outline planning permission for the erection of an infill                                           dwelling and vehicular access, with all matters reserved (revised scheme to                               previous extant outline permission granted under ref: 20/00046/OUT

LOCATION: Rosemary Cottage, Calcotts Green

APPLICATION NO: 23/00596/FUL Proposed annexe                           

LOCATION: 5 Elver Close            



DESCRIPTION OF DEVT. Erection of detached garage building to front of                                     existing dwelling, western boundary treatments and entrance gates                                                 LOCATION Highbury Main Road

APPLICATION NO. 21/01378/PIP PERMIT with no conditions.

DESCRIPTION OF DEVT. Permission in Principle (PIP) for the erection of two                    residential dwellings.

LOCATION Sunnybank Main Ro


DESCRIPTION OF DEVT. Outline application for the erection of 4 dwellings                                     with all matters reserved except vehicular access.

LOCATION Highcross House


Alleged build of 22/01264/FUL contrary to approved plans

Hawthorn House Main Road Minsterworth Gloucestershire GL2 8JH


The local planning authority [Tewkesbury Borough Council] notifies all planning applications that affect the Parish Council for their consideration and comment.

Minsterworth Parish Council , as a statutory consultee of Tewkesbury Borough Council (TBC), is then asked to comment on all planning applications within the Parish.

The Parish Council is consulted for its local knowledge but does not determine a Planning Application, we are a statutory consultee. Click here to search Tewkesbury Borough Council Planning portal

Decisions are made by the planning officers using delegated powers or by the planning committee made up of TBC Councillors. Their decisions are based upon Planning Policies set out in the Local Plan, Planning Policy Statements (PPS) and Government Guidance (NPPF).

Tewkesbury Borough Council must take into account, but not necessarily follow, the views or recommendations of the Parish Council.
The Parish Council’s comments upon individual planning applications considered at meetings are normally included in the Minsterworth Parish Council Minutes.

The Parish Council has the right (separate from supporters & objectors) to speak at the planning meetings if they feel strongly enough about a particular development.

How do I view the plans?

Details of planning applications affecting a property are posted up in public by the planning authority close to that property. Full details of planning applications also appear on Tewkesbury Borough Council website, and you can also make comments on applications through this site.

What do I do if I have an interest or want to object to a Planning Application?

First you must view the plans and supporting documentation.

If you wish to object you must write to, or email TBC and send a copy to the Parish Clerk so that we are aware of your views.

BC have provided this PDF document for ;guidance on commenting on applications .

Unless you have valid planning reasons, your letter will be wasted.

Listed below are reasons for objecting to a particular application:

  • Highways – access/roads unsuitable for the development (where access is a relevant consideration).
  • Loss of light – dependent on the size/siting of the development to a neighbouring property’s principal windows (can they be directly looked into?)
  • Design/size/scale/materials of proposal in relation to the existing property, neighbouring properties and general location.
  • Effect on/loss of protected trees or listed buildings
  • Setting listed buildings on Conservation Area.
  • Noise, fumes, smell or loss of privacy.
  • Risk of flooding as a result of the proposal.
  • Loss of a valuable facility if dealt with in the local plan.

Things which are not normally planning considerations include:

  • Loss of view/aspect.
  • Personal matters relating to the specific applicant.
  • Changes to land/property values.
  • Personal taste with respect to the proposal.

The examples listed above are definitive but not comprehensive and are a guide to assist in the preparation of letters or statements of support or opposition.

The following website has more information and guidance on planning applications  –

If you do wish to object there is a lot of excellent guidance on the internet. Some from specific website and some in the form of booklets.

Here is an example. How to object to a planning application

You may also make comment to the Parish Council at the appropriate meeting, but the Council is not obliged to pass on any such comments to the planning authority.

The Parish Clerk will be able to tell you when a particular application is due to come before the Parish Council.