Notification of Closure of Pound Lane

Minsterworth Parish Council has been notified of the closure of Pound Lane from 8.00am on 10 Jan 22 to 5.00pm on 14 Jan 22.   This is to allow for Wales and West Utilities to lay a new gas service to a development in this location; diversion signs will be in place.

Malicious Damage and Antisocial Behaviour in Minsterworth

Regrettably there have recently been several antisocial incidents in Minsterworth.  These include fly tipping, property damage, trespass, theft from gardens, outside taps turned on and left to flood, stones from catapults being fired at buildings and passing vehicles, dogs and persons chasing cattle, hay bales being broken and digger tractor windscreens smashed on Calcotts Green.

We can only expect the police to take action if ALL crimes are reported. Anyone can report a crime that they witness. You do not need to be the owner of the property, as there will be times when the owner is not known, and it will help if the same crime is reported several times. This will then establish that a problem exists, and hopefully action will be taken. If you can record the time and place, and get a photograph of the damage, or even those causing the damage, then that’s even better.


I know it’s frustrating when we report something and no-one is apprehended, but I am told that if a police investigation starts, then the probability of future damage events is reduced, so please do your bit and report it.

Ways of reporting damage and anti-social behaviour include

  1. Ring 101 report online at Gloucestershire police.
  2. CRIMESTOPPERS  is completely anonymous. Phone 0800 555 111 or use Crimestoppers-uk.org 
  3. Phone Tewkesbury Borough Council    01684 295010/272273 or use the Tewkesbury Borough Council do-it-online website
  4. Contact our local police. Neighbourhood Sergeant Mark.burns@gloucestershire.pnn.police.uk     or  Dean.saunders@gloucestershire.pnn.police.uk  and the liaison officer  is David Birch David.birch@gloucestershire.pnn.police.uk            

The issues have already been reported to the Antisocial Behaviour Officer at Tewkesbury Borough Council, and following this it is possible that she will pay some of you a random visit. It’s a great shame that we have to do all of this, but the alternatives are not good either.